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Post House Blueish White 2016

Post House Blueish WhiteBlend: 80% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Chenin Blanc

Elegant and finely crafted blend giving a fruity upfront wine for easy drinking. A nose of, red apple, apple blossoms and hints of pinapple and pear. Full and intense mouth feel with a mineral undertone. Refreshing long mouth feel without sharpness.

Post House Stamp of Chenin 2016

Post House Stamp of CheninBlend: 100% Chenin Blanc
The nose of this wine offers peach, citrus and liquorice. Rich and full bodied palate with delicate flavours of tropical fruit,orange and a minerals. Soft round entry finishing with a long and full mouth feel. A hint of sweetness Perception of sweetness from lees contact and fruit. Drinking well but still young , will mature for another two to three years with honey character evolving.

Post House Blueish Black Red 2015

Post House Blueish Black RedBlend: 42% Shiraz, 22% Pinotage, 18% Cabernet, 18% Merlot

The name Blueish Black refers to a term used in stamp collecting and how a stamp is described in a stamp catalogue. It refers to the description of a stamp in terms of its colour tint variation. A stamp which should have been mostly black but has blue undertones would be described as blueish black. The name also refers to the colour of the wine which has a dark blue tinge to the wine

Dark blueish black wine with good colour. A nose of mulberries,red currant and ripe strawberries with a hint of pepper and spice. Full bodied rich wine with supple soft tannins for easy drinking.

Post House Black Mail Merlot 2015

Post House Black Mail MerlotBlend: 100% Merlot

The Post House Black Mail Merlot is named after a famous black mailbox on State Route 375, known as the Extraterrestrial Highway, situated in south-central Nevada in the United States. The mailbox is labeled ‘Alien’ and is an extraterrestrial meeting point due to its close proximity to UFO hot spot, Area 51.

Merlot 2013 was made with the utmost attention and detail to deliver an extremely high quality end product. This wine offers a nose of raspberry and fynbos with a hint of mint and violets. The palate has firm tannins and an underlying cherry fruit structure giving it a juicy but full finish.

Post House Bulls Eye Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Post House Bulls Eye Cabernet SauvignonBlend: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

The Post House Bulls Eye Cabernet Sauvignon is named after a Brazilian postage stamp issued in 1843. The resemblance to a Bull’s Eye was the reason behind the unusual name. Brazil was the second country in the world to print country wide valid stamps, after Great Britain.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 was made with the utmost attention and detail to deliver an extremely high quality end product. This wine is a big meaty wine with a nose of raspberry, cigar box, chocolate and gamy meat. The palate is firm and oaky with rounded ripe fruit and tannins which gives length to the finish.

Post House Merry Widow Shiraz 2013

Post House Merry Widow ShirazBlend: 100% Shiraz

The Post House Merry Widow Shiraz was named after the US special delivery stamp which became known as the Merry Widow through the operetta Merry Widow, composed by Franz Lehar in 1905.
British actress, Lily Elsie took up the main role and had a fondness for large-brimmed, heavily be-plumed hats, which became known as Merry Widow hats and resembled the hat on the special delivery stamp.

Dark black wine with an inkiness picked up on the nose and palate. A nose of blackcurrant, chocolate, white pepper, cinnamon, raspberry a hint of floral petals. An elegant wine with firm but supple tannins. Rounded ripe fruit gives it a long and lingering finish.

Serve with wild mushroom pasta, roasted venison, coq au vin, rack of lamb, pork fillet roasted on rhubarb and oven roasted vegetables.

Post House Missing Virgin Red 2015

Post House Missing Virgin RedBlend: 70% Pinotage, 30% Petit Verdot

The name Missing Virgin refers to a printing error on a Virgin Island stamp.
The virgin figure was omitted from the stamp, hence the nick name, “Missing Virgin”. St. Ursula was a virgin martyr who lived between the third and fifth centuries A.D. She was born in Britain, avoided marriage to a pagan king and is believed to have been slain for her faith with 10,000 virgin companions at Cologne, Germany. Christopher Columbus named the Virgin Islands in her honor.

A full bodied rich wine with supple soft tannins but with a lively long finish. The nose has a hint of cinnamon, blue berries, fruit cake and wild heath.

Post House Penny Black Red 2015

Post House Penny Black RedBlend: 34% Shiraz, 27% Merlot, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Petit Verdot, 6% Chenin Blanc

The name Penny Black refers to the first stamp that was ever printed as well as to the dark inky black colour of the wine.

An elegant wine with a soft entry but with a firm but supple finish. Dark inky black colour. Initial nose of floral petals, also of fynbos (South African heath), blackcurrant, fruitcake, white pepper and spice. Rounded tannins and ample fruit results in a layered and complex wine.

Post House Treskilling Yellow NLH 375ml 2015

Post House Treskilling Yellow NLHThe name Treskilling Yellow refers to a printing error on a Swedish Stamp. The normal three skilling stamp is colored green while the eight skilling stamp was printed in Yellow. However due to an error, the three skilling stamp was printed in Yellow.

It offers up honeyed walnuts, dried apricot, honey orange marmalade, pineapple. In the mouth, it is full-bodied sweet and powerful with refreshing acidity as well as massive concentration. Classic rich mouth reminiscent of Sauternes.

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