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Môreson Miss Molly Brut Cap Classique NV

Môreson Miss Molly Brut Cap Classique NVMiss Molly - the silver coated, green eyed, completely captivating Môreson Weimaraner - is impossible to resist.

Luckily the fame, associated with having her own range of wines, hasn't yet gone to Miss Molly's head. She is still the same charming mademoiselle who loves nothing more than to spend a morning sneaking into a bed uninvited, an afternoon sunning herself in the finest leather wingback chair or an evening posing for photographs.

Miss Molly Bubbly is a bubbly designed to capture our vivacious Miss Molly's unchecked passion for life.

Môreson Miss Molly Petit Rosé Bubbly NV

Môreson Miss Molly Petit Rosé Bubbly NVMiss Molly, the silver-coated green-eyed Môreson Weimaraner, is now a world famous star.

The Miss Molly of yesteryear, that naïve wine-country girl, has been replaced by a seasoned world-traveller. Miss Molly now breakfasts in South Africa, lunches in Mauritius, dines out in London and just adores partying-it-up in America.

She has, over the last few years, become decidedly more Madame than Mademoiselle (with an attitude to match). Au revoir steak - thieved from the kitchen counter - hello foie gras, gifted to her by adoring fans.

The Miss Molly Petit Rosé has been designed to capture our starlet’s newfound limelight or bust attitude.

Môreson Miss Molly Kitchen Thief Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Môreson Miss Molly Kitchen Thief Sauvignon Blanc 2018Miss Molly is the Môreson Robin Hood. When no one is looking she redistributes food, from the kitchen counter, to where it’s needed most.

Miss Molly loves to share and she’s as free with her love as she is with our groceries. An easygoing, loveable rascal with heart-melting mannerisms that ensure she gets away with just about everything.

Kitchen Thief is a wine designed to do what Miss Molly does best - share with friends.

Môreson Miss Molly In My Bed Red 2015

Môreson Miss Molly In My Bed Red 2015Miss Molly, the captivating Môreson Weimaraner, doesn’t do mornings. Her late night social schedule ensures that, by sunup, she’s ready for bed. After Miss Molly’s breakfast is served, and devoured, she loves to climb (uninvited) into whichever bed is available.

In My Bed is a wine designed to be two of Miss Molly’s favourite things – comfortable and easy going.

Môreson Miss Molly Manor Born 2014

Môreson Miss Molly Manor Born 2014Parlez-vous français? Good, us neither.
But we feel it’s important to mention that Miss Molly has finally taken the plunge and gone French, French oak that is.

For Manor Born we’ve homegrown our Chardonnay and matured it in a selection of French-oak barrels. We’ve then added a touch of our not-so-secret ingredient, Franschhoek Semillon. The result = your new favourite wine!

You can expect lemon curd and zesty rind on the nose. This theme continues through to the palate, which shows distinct ripe lemon and the classic roundness of a Franschhoek Chardonnay.

Did you know?

Môreson is home to 12 different clones of Chardonnay. We utilise these clones, either individually or in a variety of combinations, throughout our wine product portfolio.

Each of these 12 clones exhibits unique flavour and aroma personalities, with a selection showcasing obvious lemon and lime characters.

Miss Molly Manor Born is a selection of barrels, produced from our estate grown Chardonnay, that display these clear citrus characters.

Môreson Miss Molly The Huntress Pinot Noir 2015

Môreson Miss Molly The Huntress Pinot Noir 2015The Huntress is Miss Molly’s sultry Franschhoek wine-of-origin Pinot Noir. Don’t let her recently acquired good-looks fool you, she is a vixen. A palate domanatrix of the finest order.

With structure for days the Huntress is a veritable taste corset. The nose - a flinty sour cherry – teases the tastebuds with promises of what’s to come. The palate delivers on every promise, dishing out savoury cherry in spades.
Lock the door, draw those curtains and put your phone on silent. This is Miss Molly’s version of a burlesque striptease and it’s going to demand your undivided attention.
Did you know?

Pinot Noir, harvested from our grower’s low-yielding vineyard, undergo our Huntress juice extraction technique. 75% of the Pinot Noir grapes are de-stemmed and pressed; while 25% are whole-bunch pressed.

Organic yeasts, micro-dosed purified grape skin tannins (to facilitate vivid colour extraction), naturally settlement, 10-month barrel maturation are just a few of the impressive processes associated with the delectable Pinot Noir.

Môreson Pink Brut Rosé MCC NV

Môreson Pink Brut Rosé MCC NVPink is the belle of any ball and she looks particularly vivacious at social gatherings, parties and weddings. She’s our youthful, perfectly pink méthode cap classique and she’s completely captivating.

Pink spends time on the skins, for colour, and is bottle-fermented (in the traditional manner) for at least 24 months.

Her exquisite hue conjures up romantic images of fair maidens, dashing knights and mythical dragons; while her light and yeasty taste – with flirty undertones of strawberry and raspberry – spellbinds your taste buds.

Môreson Blanc de Blancs Solitaire MCC NV

Môreson Blanc de Blancs Solitaire MCC NVSolitaire doesn’t walk she waltzes. Somewhat of a princess - but never a prima donna - she’s our Miss Social. This méthode cap classique is always ready for a party and you’ll find yourself inventing celebrations just so you can have her round.

Made from 100% Chardonnay - a small portion of which is wooded – Solitaire is bottle-fermented in the traditional manner and undergoes a 24 month maturation. Once completed, and her characteristic biscuity nose and shortcake palate have developed, Solitaire is ready for consumption.

Môreson Mercator Premium Chardonnay 2016

Môreson Mercator Premium Chardonnay 2016The Môreson Premium Chardonnay is our white wine award-magnet. It’s a decadent, rich and moreish number that is impossible to say no to.

After just one sip she’ll become a firm favourite! You can dried apricot crème brûlée, with focused caramel undertones with well-integrated oak.

This is a well-balanced wine with excellent mouth-feel and that delicious long, long finish.

Môreson Dr Reason Why Unwooded Chardonnay 2017

Môreson Dr Reason Why Unwooded Chardonnay 2017If you think oak is something that belongs in a garden you’ll love our Dr Reason Why Unwooded Chardonnay. It’s an easy-drinking every-day-of-the-week wine. It’s so good you won’t want to share. Seriously stop making eyes at our wine, go get your own.

Môreson Mata Mata Red 2016

Môreson Mata Mata Red 2016Môreson Mata Mata - a red blend - is the latest addition to the Môreson range of premium wines.

Named after the ownerʼs favourite spot in the Kalahari, a beautiful and unpretentious piece of Africa, Mata Mata lives up to its namesake by offering the trademark Môreson quality at a very reasonable price. It really is a full bag of tricks!

You can expect an attractive oak on the nose and a palate showing concentrated dark fruit, fresh acidity and smooth tannins. It is full-bodied and balanced red blend.

Môreson Cabernet Franc 2016

Môreson Cabernet Franc 2016As a farm we produce Cabernet Franc to use as a blending component in our flagship red, Magia. Every few years, this Cabernet Franc possess such phenomenally unique characteristics that we bottle it, in limited quantities, and send it out into the world.

With overtones of elegant leather and blackberry the Môreson Cabernet Franc is palate enticing. It’s a wine that never ever disappoints.

Môreson The Widow Maker Pinotage 2016

Môreson The Widow Maker Pinotage 2016The Môreson Pinotage is a rich and deliciously heavy red wine. Characterised by dried prunes, wild cherries, as well as a blend of clove and cinnamon flavours it is tasty enough to be a meal on its own. It is also considered one of the Top 10 Pinotage’s in South Africa. You can expect a bold-on-fruit wine with well-integrated plum and oak tannins. The Môreson Pinotage is smooth and elegant on the palate with a slight mocha bouquet.

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