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In South Africa, the traditional Champagne method is known as Méthode Cap Classique (MCC). These must spend a minimum of 12 months in bottle on the lees to qualify for this designation.

This is a traditional-method bottle-fermented sparkling wine. The wine is light-yellow, with a green tinge.
A refreshing style with lemon-drop and Granny-Smith apple aromas. Fresh quince and lively lemon zest on the palate. The finish is long with hints of biscotti and cookie dough flavours from the time on lees. The beauty of this wine is its versatility.

From the winemaker:
30% of the wine was matured in oak for 4 months prior to bottling. Secondary fermentation happened in the bottle and the wine matured for a further 13 months on the lees before disgorgement. A small amount of barrel-fermented wine was used to add complexity with dosage. Another 3 months conditioning and settling time was allowed before release.

Perfect as an aperitif or complemented by delicate dishes such as fresh oysters and lobster, although even a tuna steak and pommes frites would pair suitably. Serve chilled at 5°C. Methode Cap Classique Brut NV: "91 points" –Neil Martin, November 2015
Methode Cap Classique Brut NV: "90 points" – Paul Lukacs, WineReviewOnline, USA, July 2014.

M•A•N Free-Run Steen Chenin Blanc 2018

M•A•N Free-Run Steen Chenin Blanc 2018Chenin Blanc thrives in the Mediterranean climate, deep soils and bush-vine vineyards of our region. We use only the free-run juice (no pressing of the grapes) to preserve its clean and natural character, refreshing acidity and delicious ripe fruit flavours.

Bursting with flavour, our very "more-ish" Chenin Blanc is our best-selling white wine.
Ideal growing conditions, very special vines and of course our attention to detail in the winemaking create a mouth-watering Chenin Blanc with intense tropical fruit flavours offset by a vibrant acidity.

From the winemaker:
The Agter-Paarl area is the ideal region for growing Chenin Blanc and our farmers have the largest collection of old vine Chenin Blanc in the country. To do justice to the excellent bush vine (un-trellised) grapes, we only use free-run juice – we don't press the grape skins – and we leave the Chenin Blanc on its lees for three to four months before bottling for a richer, fuller mouthfeel. We call this our 'sweet and sour' wine - the acidity and sweetness are perfectly balanced. We've been told many times that this is a wine you taste and immediately love - and who are we to disagree?

A versatile option for almost any dish - especially spicy Thai curries, Mediterranean tapas and rich seafood dishes. Great on its own too!

Chenin Blanc 2015: "91 Points" – Neil Martin, # Interim Nov 2015
Chenin Blanc 2015: “Top 100 best buys” – Wine enthusiast, best buys, November 2015
Chenin Blanc 2014: "90 Points" – Neal Martin, #215, USA, Oct 2014

M•A•N Padstal Chardonnay 2018

M•A•N Padstal Chardonnay 2018Roadside Padstals or “farm stalls” offering a range of farm produce goods and crafts are popular throughout South Africa. From simple shacks to elaborate venues, you’ll drive out of your way to find your favourite.

Our modern take on this classic favourite, the lightly oaked MAN Chardonnay reminds people why they love to drink Chardonnay.
Our refreshing and delicious wine is well balanced, with typical Chardonnay marmalade and citrus flavours, backed by a light oak and refreshing melon and tropical fruit bouquet.

From the winemaker:
The richest and fullest white wine in the MAN range, we've won fans with the very delicate oak flavours that are complemented by prominent fruit flavours and butterscotch notes. After a great deal of experimentation, we found the perfect balance by fermenting 10-20% of the wine in small American oak barrels, and keeping the rest of the wine on the lees for up to six months. Complex yet elegant, we're very proud of this grown-up Chardonnay.

A perennial crowd-pleaser, this wine was made for summer sun downers. It pairs well with grilled fish, gnocchi and most creamy dishes, or serve chilled on its own as a well-earned reward at the end of a tough day.
Chardonnay 2014: “88 points” – Decanter World Wine Awards 2014
Chardonnay 2013: “Bronze Medal” – Wine Spectator, USA
Chardonnay 2013: "87 points" – Tim Atkin, South Africa 2014 Special Report, UK, July 2014

M•A•N Warrelwind Sauvignon Blanc 2018

M•A•N Warrelwind Sauvignon Blanc 2018Our Sauvignon Blanc is produced from higher, cooler vineyards in the Cape. Warrelwind (whirlwinds) are common in the vineyards throughout summer. The seasonal winds cool the grapes and turn the windmills dotting the landscape.

Vibrant with fresh acidity, MAN Sauvignon Blanc is wonderfully refreshing.
Fans of our Sauvignon Blanc regularly mention the lively bouquet and tropical fruit notes, which really make the wine stand apart from its often too green and grassy peers.

From the winemaker:
Our Sauvignon Blanc is one of the few wines where we bring in grapes from outside our growing region - fruit from the cooler, higher-elevation vineyard from Stellenbosch adds fruit intensity. The 10% Semillon also helps the wine age well in the bottle. As with all our wines, we only choose grapes with a very concentrated flavour, so you enjoy a refreshingly crisp wine with a generous bouquet of pineapple and lime.

All you need is a summer's afternoon and you're set. If you're peckish, try sushi, salads or fish dishes alongside a chilled glass of MAN Warrelwind Sauvignon Blanc.

Sauvignon Blanc 2015: “90 Points” –Neil Martin, # Interim Nov 2015
Sauvignon Blanc 2014: "88 Points" – Neal Martin, #215, USA, Oct 2014
Sauvignon Blanc 2014: "86 Points" – Wine Spectator, USA, Nov 2014

M•A•N Ou Kalant Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

M•A•N Ou Kalant Cabernet Sauvignon 2017Cabernet Sauvignon is our most popular wine: this Ou Kalant (old rascal) remains a firm favourite, outfoxing the others by combining New World ripe fruit flavours with Old World elegance and charm.

This classic Cabernet is our best-selling wine.
Superbly balanced, MAN Cabernet Sauvignon captures both Old World silky tannins and New World ripe fruit, and completes it with a beautiful, long finish.

From the winemaker:
The unique balance of New- and Old-World wine styles is a feature of South Africa and perhaps best reflected in Cabernet Sauvignon based wines. At MAN Family Wines we achieve this style thanks to the excellent grapes from the Agter-Paarl region. The shale soil's impressive water retention results in concentrated, flavourful grapes. 20% of the wine is matured in oak barrels for 12 months - giving the bold, juicy red berry fruit an elegant touch of oak spice.

Red meats, traditional European cuisine and a variety of rich pasta dishes are perfect companions for the Ou Kalant Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012: “89 points” – Tim Atkin, South Africa 2014 Special Report, UK, July 2014

M•A•N Jan Fiskaal Merlot 2017

M•A•N Jan Fiskaal Merlot 2017The Jan Fiskaal (fiscal shrike) is a common sight in our vineyards. A small bird with a fierce reputation for driving out pests, its characteristic “chee-chee-chee” cry and black-and-white colouring make it easily recognisable.

Dark berry fruit and subtle tannins make this classically styled Merlot an easy favourite.
It's all here – the cigar box, mocha and chocolate flavours that Merlot fans love, plus soft gentle tannins and an elegant, long finish.

From the winemaker:
This is our guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The bold red-berry fruit and oak spice aromas are followed by ripe berry and chocolate flavours and completed with gentle tannins and a long finish. Our Merlot's complexity is thanks to the Stellenbosch fruit that's blended with 85% of grapes from the Agter-Paarl region, and the delicate oak notes come from about 15-20% of the wine being barrel-matured for 12-15 months.

This is easy – you can pair the Jan Fiskaal Merlot with pretty much any dish. But don't think you have to wait for a meal, it's just as good on its own!
Merlot 2014: “90 Points” –Neil Martin, # Interim Nov 2015
Merlot 2013: "Bronze Medal" – Decanter World Wine Awards 2014
Merlot 2013: "89 Points" – Neal Martin, #215, USA, Oct 2014

M•A•N Bosstok Pinotage 2017

M•A•N Bosstok Pinotage 2017Bosstok refers to the untrellised bush-vine vineyards that make up more than half of the vineyards of our region. The Bosstok Pinotage vineyards grow close to the ground, producing lower yields of concentrated, flavourful grapes.

A modern style that showcases the best Pinot Noir-like characteristics of Pinotage.
Juicy bright fruits, soft tannins and a perfumed nose make this a very accessible Pinotage.

From the winemaker:
We like to focus on the juicier, softer side of Pinotage by carefully managing the fermenting wine.  We are able to emphasize the soft mouthfeel, perfume and expressive fruit of Pinotage. Just a touch of oak maturation means the result is delicate and pretty, with beautiful red berry flavours, a hint of cinnamon and very gentle tannins.

The sweet flavours of the Pinotage makes the wine hold its own with most poultry or bold meat dishes - even spicy curries. And it's the best accompaniment to summer barbecue we know!
Pinotage 2013: “87 points” – Wine Spectator, USA, Dec 2014
Pinotage 2013: “87 points” – Stephen Tanzer, South Africa’s Ongoing Wine Revolution, USA, June 2015
Pinotage 2013: "85 points” – Neal Martin,, #215, Oct 2014

M•A•N Skaapveld Shiraz 2017

M•A•N Skaapveld Shiraz 2017Skaapveld refers to the grazing land for sheep that adjoins many of the Shiraz vineyards in our region. Whether the sheep have any effect on the wine is open to debate, but they add a lively encouragement during harvest time.

Our distinctive Shiraz with dark fruit and spicy flavours continues to win plaudits internationally.
A real mouth-filling wine, the spicy and floral savoury aromas are balanced by ripe fruit flavours and fine tannins on the palate.

From the winemaker:
The Agter-Paarl region is known for its characteristic "winegum" character - a very pure "grapey" fruit expression. We co-ferment some batches with a small portion of Viognier grapes to lift the aromatics and soften the tannins. 20% of the wine matures in small oak barrels for that hint of vanilla spice on the nose and to give extra encouragement to silky tannins. All in all, we like to think we've made a really great wine - and it helps to know that so many other people think so too.

Great with bold meat dishes, strong cheese and any other dish that needs a wine that can stand up to it.
Shiraz 2013: "90 points" –Tim Atkin, South Africa 2015 Special Report, UK, July 2015
Shiraz 2013: "Bronze Medal" – Decanter World Wine Awards 2014

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