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Doolhof Cape Crane Chenin Blanc 2015

Doolhof Cape Crane Chenin BlancOur second 100% Chenin blanc with a refreshing bouquet of succulent fruit and delicate florals.

Light straw in colour, with a green tint, the nose is complex and fresh with Cape gooseberry, floral, citrus and a touch of ripe melon. The palate crisp and refreshing, well balanced with a lingering zesty finish.

Handpicked in the early morning, with grapes received at the cellar, still cool, and in great condition. Whole bunch sorting done, with the crushing of berries thereafter. Free run juice was recovered, with a light pressing of skins, and 24 hour settling thereafter. The clear juice was racked and fermentation was induced with commercial yeast. Fermentation lasted 21 days, with fermenting temperatures at around 13 ̊ Celsius.

Doolhof Cape Boar 2013

Doolhof Cape BoarA rich Cape expression of classic Bordeaux characteristics.

Red plum in colour, with blackberry, cherry, truffle and cedar wood on the nose. The palate, medium in body, shows an abundance of fruit, softness and fine subtle tannins towards the back. The wine has a dry and lingering finish.

A Bordeaux style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Both cultivars were handpicked, sorted and then vinified seperately. Three pump-overs were done daily, extracting colour and flavours. 'The wine was blended and aged for 16 months and bottled in September 2014.

Serve with roast Lamb, Eland medallions, Italian pasta or pizza. An excellent match with Chicken Coq au Vin or Lamb stew.

Doolhof Pinotage Single Vineyard 2013

Doolhof Pinotage Single VineyardSignatures of Doolhof Range


A modern, South African Pinotage bursting with an abundance of vibrant fruit.
Deep intense red wine, with bramble berry, cinnamon, cloves and violets on the nose. The palate is rich and full, with delicate, soft well balanced tannins. Drink now or up to 2023.
Harvesting performed by hand. Pre-cooling of grapes to around 6 degrees before crushing. Cold soaking performed for two days, with the start of fermentation, followed by the addition of commercial yeast thereafter. Pump overs done three times per day, with a rack and return (Delestage) and pressed at 0° Balling. 14 days extended skin contact after fermentation to obtain richness. Aged in 225L French oak barrels for 14 months.

Doolhof Cabernet Franc Single Vineyard 2012

Doolhof Cabernet Franc Single VineyardSignatures of Doolhof Range


An elegant second vintage Cabernet Franc.
Youthful, dark red with perfumed blackcurrants, violets, lead pencil shavings and graphite on the nose. An elegant, slight mineral character is also present.
The wine shows great elegance and softness with fine velvety tannins. Decanting recommended.
This vineyard is planted in deep, well drained Glenrosa family-type soil, with some clay present. Planted in a North-West row direction, ideal for the warm Wellington area. This young vineyard planted only in 2005 shows great promise with lots of character evident very early. One of the last cultivars to ripen on Doolhof.

Doolhof Malbec 2014

Doolhof MalbecSignatures of Doolhof Range


A rich, deep, voluptous Malbec from the Cape Winelands.
Intense dark purple with black cherry and eucalyptus to the fore, with elements of fresh mint, fynbos and a touch of sandal wood. The palate shows freshness and youth with juicy fruit, good structure and soft, well integrated tannins.
Malbec ripens quite early yielding superior quality fruit with good analysis. The grapes were hand picked and whole bunch sorted over three days, extracting colour and aromas early. A slow fermentation to start, as well as extended time on the skins, further enhanced wine quality. The grapes were pressed at -2° Balling and matured in 50% new French oak barrels for 14 months. Wine was stabilized and bottles "un-filtered" in May 2013.

Doolhof Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Doolhof Cabernet SauvignonSignatures of Doolhof Range


A classic Cabernet for great enjoyment.
Garnet, brick red in colour, with blackberry, pencil shavings, black cherry and some spice on the nose. Medium in body with fine, smooth tannins. The wine is soft and juicy with great length.
From our premium vineyard. East-West row direction, with well drained sandy soil. Grapes were picked by hand and whole bunch sorting done at the cellar. This added to the quality of the final product. Cold soaking was done for three days, extracting colour and aromas early on in the process. A slow fermentation, as well as extended time on the skins further enhanced wine quality. The grapes were pressed at -2° Balling and matured in 65% new French oak barrels for 8 months. Stabilization and bottling took place in Decemebr 2014.

Doolhof Merlot 2012

Doolhof MerlotSignatures of Doolhof Range


A classic Merlot with a velvety balance of red and black fruit and well integrated oak.
This Merlot has a beautiful deep crimson hue. Unmistakable aromas of blackberries, cassis and ripe plums seduce the nose while also showing gentle whiffs of cedar. Full bodied and complex, this wine has a juicy mouth-feel, with mineral tones evident in the background. The palate is layered with plush fruit, dark chocolate and supported by firm tannins that lead to a luscious and persistent finish.
From our premium vineyard. Hand picked, with bunch sorting done at the cellar. After 24 hours of cold soaking, to enhance the colour, fermentation was started. Fermentation temperatures ranged between 22-26°C. Three pump-overs were done daily. The wine finished fermentation on the skins. Extended skin contact up to 14 days, produced a full wine with firm tannins yet elegant with lots of juicy fruit. The wine was aged for 14 months in 30% new and 70% second fill 225L French oak barrels. Wine was stabilized and bottled in Decembeer 2013. Enjoy now or keep up to 2020.

Doolhof Unwooded Chardonnay 2015

Doolhof Unwooded ChardonnaySignatures of Doolhof Range


A refreshing crowd pleaser. Perfect for alfresco dining.
Pale straw, with green tint in the glass. The nose is fresh and lively with lemon, grapefruit and floral aromas to the fore, ending in a bouquet of papaya and melon. The wine is crisp, with a great fruit & acid balance, persistent and dry to the finish.
Chardonnay chosen from the coolest block on the farm. Harvesting was done during the early morning, with the aim to protect the flavour and aromas from the vineyard. The grapes were crushed, two hour skin contact given and lightly pressed. The juice was fermented in two seperate tanks, with different yeast, each adding to the complexity of the final wine. The wine spent three months on the lees, with lees stiring performed once a week. The wine was stabilized, filtered and bottled in March 2013.


Doolhof Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Doolhof Sauvignon BlancSignatures of Doolhof Range


A crisp, floral Sauvignon Blanc bursting with green fruit.
Green straw in colour. The wine is dominated by lovely tropical notes with underlying green figs on the nose, fading into green pepper and asparagus as it opens up. It is underlined with a core of mineral flavours. A crisp line of acidity carries the wine beautifully, with a fresh and lingering finish.
The grapes were harvested at night and processed reductively to preserve flavours and aromas. After settling out all rough lees, the juice was racked and inoculated with a commercially selected yeast strain and fermented between 13 and 15 degrees Celsius for about a month before some lees contact followed by clarifying and bottling in July 2014.

Doolhof Lady in White 2010

Doolhof Lady in WhiteLegends of Labyrinth Range


A complex, crisp, lively blend of Chenin Blanc, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Subtle, elegant citrus with fresh lemon and lime to the fore. Soft, crisp, lengthy finish with hints of oak.
The three varietals in the blend were fermented seperately. Part of the Chenin Blanc and Semillon were fermented with wild yeast from the vineyard and matured for 10 months in new 225L French oak barrels. The Chenin Blanc comes from 35 year old bush vines. The wine was bottled in May 2011.

Doolhof Lady in Red 2009

Doolhof Lady in Red 2009Legends of Labyrinth Range


A warm, rich Bordeaux-style wine. This lady is seductive, sophisticated and elegant.
Garnet red wine with an intense perfumed mélange of red and black fruits with cedar and oak undertones. On the palate, the fruit / oak balance is harmonious with soft, firm tannins, cassis and plum flavours producing a wine of excellent structure. The fruit lingers long on the palate.
Bordeaux-style blend. Harvesting done by hand, followed by grape sorting. Cold soaking for 48 hours. Each varietal was fermented separately with great attention to quality, to ensure optimal development in profile and character for each wine. Extended skin contact followed fermentation allowing for better extraction from skins. Each wine was matured separately for 14 months in 225l French oak barrels. After blending and filtration, bottling took place in December 2009.

Doolhof Dark Lady Pinotage 2013

doolhof the dark lady pinotage siris vintnersLegends of Labyrinth Range


Intense chocolate / mocha aromas intermingled with fabulous fruit.
Youthful purple, fresh in colour. A coffee, mocha explosion with dark chocolate, rich black fruit, almonds and black cherries on the nose. All these elements follow through adding complexity and depth on the palate. Light to medium body with firm, well integrated tannins. Lovely fruit and wood balance, this wine is made to enjoy young.
Pinotage from premium vineyards harvested mid - February. Only superior quality free run wine was used. 24 hour cold soaking with the addition of yeast thereafter. Colour and aroma extraction was done applying three pump-overs per day. Fermentation lasted six days. The wine underwent 100% malolactic fermentation done in combination with dark toasted French oak. The wine was filtered and bottled in September 2014.

Doolhof The Minoteur Cape Blend 2008

Doolhof The Minoteur Cape BlendLegends of Labyrinth Range


A Cape blend of Pinotage, Malbec, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. Dark purple in colour with dark cherry, blackberry and truffle. The palate is medium to full bodied with a generous persistent finish.
The Minotaur – a creature half man, half bull was the product of forbidden love between Pasiphae and Poseidon. Banished to the Labyrinth by King Minos for terrorising the Cretans, he was eventually killed by Theseus, the Athenian Hero.
The wine was produced from hand picked grapes from our premier vineyards. Four pump overs were done per day, adding to colour, richness and tannins. The different grape varietals were fermented separately with extended maceration on skins after fermentation. Only the best barrels were selected for this wine. The wine was aged for 14 months in 60% new and 40% second fill 225L French oak barrels. Wine was stabilized and bottled in November 2009.

Doolhof Theseus Bordeaux Blend 2009

Doolhof Theseus Bordeaux BlendLegends of Labyrinth Range



A classic Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Purple in colour, showing some maturation. The nose is forthcoming with blackberry, black cherry and cassis. The palate is full and juicy with soft, fine, well integrated tannins. The wine shows great depth with a long, lingering finish.
Theseus, the mythical King of Athens who travelled widely in search of adventure was most famously known for the slaying of the Minotaur in the labyrinth of Crete. He was assisted by Ariadne, Dark Lady of the Labyrinth, who later married Dionysus, god of wine (Bacchus – Roman). This wine, a rich and subtle blend of five varietals, has been produced to give an intense and unforgettable experience – a true “Legend of the Labyrinth”.
The wine was produced from hand picked grapes from our premier vineyards. Four pump overs were done per day, adding to colour, richness and tannins. The different grape varietals were fermented seperately with extended maceration on skins after fermentation. Only the best barrels were selected for this wine. The wine was aged for 24 months in 80% new and 20% second fill 225L French oak barrels. Wine was stabilized and bottled in July 2012. Drink now or age up to 2020.

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