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Anura Chenin Blanc Reserve 2015

Anura Chenin Blanc Reserve 2015

A rich full wine with lemon, pineapple and kiwi fruit flavours, as well as honey and Botrytis notes. Subtle oak flavours are balanced with hints of citrus, papaya and thyme. Melon and orange blossom are complemented with mineral aromas. The components of this wine are well integrated with a good acidity, a lingering spicy finish and a touch of sweetness.
Grapes all handpicked. Grape must handled reductively (no oxygen exposure)and kept chilled to preserve aromas. Minimum sulphur additions throughout winemaking process. Pressed using a vacuum press. Fermentation initiated in barrels, 5 different batches fermented warm (18-20C) with different commercial yeasts.
Wine matured on the yeast lees for 10 months in 33% new French oak barrels and the rest in 2nd and 3rd fill barrels.

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