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Zevenwacht 7even Bouquet Blanc 2016

Zevenwacht 7even Bouquet BlancEnjoy as an Aperitif on a cold winters day, or as a refreshing drink on Summer days with friends.

This is the Asian cuisine wine extraordinaire. The exquisite flavours in this wine pair beautifully with light fragrant curries, or Moroccan inspired dishes. Use your flair to discover your favourite combination.

Golden colour. A perfumed nose with lots of fruit, floral and spicey aromas. Flavours of litchi, lime and yellow fruit. A complex aromatic wine, with well-balanced sugar and acidity, this wine provides a long crisp finish with layers of fruit and floral tones.

Blend: 55% Viognier, 25% Muscat de Frontignon, 20% Gewürztraminer

Our three most aromatic varietals on the farm compose this wine. These cultivars have beautiful fruit and spicey floral aromas. The vineyards are situated on South-West facing slopes with a North-South row direction for optimal sun exposure and flavour development.

We machine picked all three varietals at 22 – 23,7 degrees Balling. The wine was tank fermented separately at 14 degrees Celsius to retain fresh fruit and floral aromas. They were blended shortly after fermentation and bottled early to retain freshness and vitality.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch Polkadraai
Wine Variety: White Blend
Body: Medium
Acidity: Fresh Acidity
Barrel Treatment: Unwooded

ALC: 13.5 %   RS: 10.4g/l   TA:  5.1g/l   pH: 3.40

Zevenwacht 7even Pinotage 2015

Zevenwacht 7even PinotageEnjoy with friends or as an Aperitif with some savoury bites.

Drink slightly chilled to appreciate its vibrancy – just below European room temperature.

A vibrant, Pinotage with chocolate, plum and dark cherry aromas that follow through on the palate. A well integrated wine with firm dark chocolate tannin.

100% Pinotage

The vineyards for this wine are situated on the northern slopes of the Banhoek Valley, ranging in altitude from 450 – 500m above sea level allowing for moderate temperatures. We harvest eight tons per hectare.

The grapes were hand harvested in the middle of March 2015. The intensely flavoured and impressively pigmented bunches were taken directly to specialized red wine fermentors for an overnight ‘cold-soak’. This allows for colour extraction early on in the winemaking process. Fermentation took place with temperatures peaking at 25ºC. The wine was pressed off the skins directly after fermentation. Following malolactic fermentation, it was matured for 6 months on French Oak staves.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch Polkadraai
Wine Variety: Pinotage
Body: Medium
Acidity: Balanced Acidity
Barrel Treatment: 6 Mon

Alc: 14% Rs: 4.3g/l TA: 5.2 pH: 3.60

Zevenwacht 7even Rood 2014

Zevenwacht 7even RoodMedium bodied. with good company or with a relaxed meal.

A luscious lifestyle wine with hints of red raspberry fruit and white pepper spice, giving a first impression of red berries and chocolate with slight cedar wood undertones. Soft pliable tannins lend subtle support to the structure, yet are unobtrusive on the succulent palate.

Blend: 85% Shiraz, 13% Grenache, 2% Mouvedré

The grapes for this blend originate from prime vineyard sites that have been planted with new clone material. Most of the sites face southwest and receive supplementary irrigation resulting in optimal ripeness, superbly concentrated flavours and ripe, supple tannins. A clay sub-soil retains essential moisture and the gravelly, granite derived topsoil allows for effective drainage.

We aimed for soft tannins and ripe dark fruits and used Rhone style varieties to achieve this. 4th and 5th fill French 500L barrels were used to mature this wine and to add to the complexity.

Grape Origin:  Stellenbosch Polkadraai
Wine Variety:   Red Blend
Body:      Medium
Acidity:   Medium Acidity
Barrel Treatment:  Wooded

ALC: 14% RS: 4.2 g/l TA : 5.5 g/l pH: 3.49

Zevenwacht 7even Rosé 2016

Zevenwacht 7even RoséCrisp & dry. Perfect on a Spring day or over casual meals.

A wine with a delicate, beautiful rose petal pink colour. The palate is red fruit – ripe raspberry and strawberry – giving a long lingering fresh taste. A delicious lifestyle wine, elegant and soft.

Blend: 86 % Cabernet Franc, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon

For the 2016 vintage we selected a Cabernet Franc vineyard 360m above sea level on a South West facing slope – facing on to False Bay and a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon from our higher lying cooler vineyard in the Banhoek Valley. We farmed and harvested this Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon specifically for making Rosé

The grapes for our Rosé were picked at 22 degrees Brix, crushed, separated from the skins, settled, racked and fermented the same as white wine. The wine was fermented cold, 12-14 degrees Celsius to retain fresh red fruit aromas. The delicate pink colour for the Rose is derived from the red pigments that are released during the crushing process.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch Polkadraai
Wine Variety: Rosé
Body: Medium
Acidity: Crisp Acidity
Barrel Treatment: Unwooded

ALC 13.5% RS 4.2g/l TA 5.4g/l PH 3.20

Zevenwacht 7even Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Zevenwacht 7even Sauvignon BlancFresh & dry. Enjoyas a refreshing drink on summer days with friends.

An elegant, refreshing but fruit driven wine. A perfect combination of greener sweeter fruits with a beautiful density on the palate and a zesty lime citrus finish.

Blend: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

The grapes for this wine are from vineyards predominantly facing in a South Westerly direction.   These slopes overlook False Bay, Cape Point and Table Mountain and enjoy the benefit of the cooling sea breeze, whilst getting good sunlight exposure to ensure optimal fruit ripeness.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch Polkadraai
Wine Variety: White
Body: Medium
Acidity: Fresh Acidity
Barrel Treatment: Unwooded

ALC: 13.5 % RS: 2.8g/l TA: 6.0g/l pH: 3.32

Zevenwacht Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Zevenwacht Cabernet SauvignonFull bodied & intense. A rich and full wine to enjoy relaxing around the fire or with a scrumptious meal.

The wine is big, bold and full-bodied with intense aromas of  black bramble berries, black currant with a hint of blue berries, with tobacco cigar box undertones. Oak aromas are well integrated and add to the complexity of the wine with underlying cedar and cigar box notes. Dark blackberry and plum flavours dominate the palate, followed by hints of cacao. A firm yet well integrated tannin structure and lingering finish.

Blend: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

The grapes for the 2013 vintage come from 3 different underlying vineyards, all on west south-west facing slopes. We crafted this wine from one older and two new vineyards. All three vineyards are at an altitude from 100–150m above sea-level. The situation of these blocks offers maximum exposure to the cooling sea breezes from the nearby Atlantic Ocean, keeping the vines and their fruit cool during the warmer days of the ripening period. In turn, this allows for the maximum flavour, colour and tannin development. The vines are trellised on a seven-wire hedge system and receive only supplementary drip irrigation.

The grapes were picked at 25.5 Brix, destalked and lightly crushed into 10-ton open top fermenters. The must was fermented at a regulated 27oC with regular pump overs, and punch downs. During the active part of fermentation, we punched down every 4 hours. This is done to break up the cap of the fermenting wine and to submerge the skins for colour and skin tannin extraction.  We left the wine on the skins for a total of 14 days. The wine underwent malolactic fermentation in barrel, after which it was racked and then returned to 50% new and 50% 2nd fill French oak Hogsheads, for 18 months.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch
Wine Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Body: Full
Barrel Treatment: 16 Months

ALC: 14.5% Ph: 3.68 TA: 5.7 g/l RS: 2.9 g/l

Zevenwacht Chenin Blanc 2015

Zevenwacht Chenin BlancFresh, Medium-bodied & partially barrel fermented.

Perfect for any social occasion and over Summer lunches.

A clear and bright wine with hints of lime and gold. The palate is both rich and refreshing and contains elements of honey, nuts, ripe pineapple, yellow melon fruit and hints of yellow peach with a floral undertone. The wine is classically dry, yet luxuriously silky with superb viscosity and length.

Blend: 100% Chenin Blanc

Lofty altitudes and westerly aspects punctuate the quality of the Chenin Blanc. For the 2015 vintage we selected the fruit from 34 year old Chenin vines with a north south row direction. These old vineyards were harvested in three stages. Fruit that was exposed to direct sunlight, then fruit that was hanging partially in the sun and finally fruit inside the canopy (shaded fruit). This equipped the winemaker with luscious, gradually ripened fruit with a variety of flavours.

80% was barrel fermented (1st, 2nd and 3rd fill 500L barrels) and aged for 10 months on the lees to add to the complexity and rich mouth feel of the wine. Thereafter we selected and blended the 10 best barrels.   This resulted in a full-bodied wine with a yellow fruit intensity.

Grape Origin:   Stellenbosch
Wine Variety:    Chenin Blanc
Body:     Medium / Full
Barrel Treatment:   100% Wooded

Alc: 14.0% Ph: 3.42 Acid: 5.4 g/l Rs: 1.6 g/l

Zevenwacht Merlot 2013

Zevenwacht MerlotFull bodied. Enjoy with friends over a relaxed meal.

Rich and generous with plush concentrated flavours of plums, chocolate and a combination of red and black cherries. Layers of red fruit, strawberries and hints of red cherries that cover the palate from start to finish. For those with a fondness for a softer yet full-bodied Merlot, then this is your investment wine – a wine that, with maturation, will reward you handsomely.

Blend: 100% Merlot

Two very different vineyards in Stellenbosch supplied the fruit for this wine. The first site, 350m above sea level on the south-west facing slopes of the Polkadraai Hills area, provides bright and juicy fruit with good acidity, tannic weight and absolute fruit density on the palate. The second vineyard on the lower South Western slopes of Polkadraai Hills, offers Ribena Ripeness, generosity and length on the palate. Although soil types differ between the sites, they all have some form of decomposed granite lying over structured clay subsoil allowing for ample drainage and water retention when required.

The grapes were picked at optimal tannin and fruit ripeness with a sugar of 25 Brix.   After destalking and a light crush, we fermented in 10 ton fermenters at 27°C. During the active part of fermentation, we gave the wine regular pump-overs and punch downs. This action allows for excellent extraction of ripe skin tannin and colour. We aged the wine in 300L barrels – 2/3 in 2nd fill and the balance third fill for 16 months.  An awesome well balanced and concentrated wine.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch
Wine Variety: Merlot
Body: Full bodied
Acidity: Medium Acidity
Barrel Treatment: Wooded

Alc: 14.5% Ph: 3.59 Acid: 5.3g/l Rs: 2.3 g/l

Zevenwacht Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Zevenwacht Sauvignon BlancCrisp & dry. A socializing wine to enjoy day or night with a meal.

Clear and bright with a lime green tinge in colour, with complex aromas of crushed fig leaves, intense green guava skin and granadilla.  The palate shows abundant granadilla, guava and riper green fig with a gooseberry oiliness, accentuated by a juicy, zesty grapefruit like citrus finish.   The fresh acidity carries the fruit to the back of the palate and prolongs the lingering after-taste.

Blend: 90% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Semillon

Two different Sauvignon Blanc vineyards and a neighbouring Semillon vineyard were used for the 2016 Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyards are planted on South and South Westerly facing slopes with altitudes varying from 300 – 350m above sea level. These vineyards are the most elevated position on Zevenwacht facing False Bay, deriving full benefit from the cool sea breeze during the ripening stages. Pungency and aromatic concentration are the hallmark of a fine Sauvignon Blanc and there is no shortage of these characteristics on the lofty southern slopes of the Kuils River hills. Grapes were picked at various stages of ripening to provide us a broader spectrum of flavours to work with at blending. A small percentage of Semillon was used as a blending partner. The Semillon gives a beautiful gooseberry weight and oiliness to the palate, also attributing amazing greener flavours to the nose.

Cool fermentation temperatures at 12-14 degrees Celsius have allowed outstanding expression of the herbal and pungent fruity characteristics of the grape variety. Extended post-fermentation lees contact lends mid-palate weight and a creamy texture.  The wine spent 5 months on the lees.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch
Wine Variety: Sauvignon blanc
Body: Medium
Acidity: Crisp Acidity
Barrel Treatment: Unwooded

ALC: 13.5%  RS: 1.5 g/l   TA: 6.0 g/l   pH: 3.33

Zevenwacht Syrah 2014

Zevenwacht SyrahFull bodied & complex. With a delicious meal to savour the intensity of this wine.

Warm and vibrant white and black pepper undertones allure you to the mouth-filling flavours of black fruits, sweet violet and jasmine spice finishing with hints of white pepper. Its velvety feel leaves you mesmerized.

Blend: Syrah 100%

South-Westerly facing slopes ranging in altitude from 150 – 280m above sea level. The vines are trellised on a seven-wire hedge system.  We harvest approximately six to eight tons per hectare which allows for concentrated plum, brambleberry and riper mulberry flavours with hints of pepper.

2014 was a challenging season with a wet ripening season leading up to the picking date. With careful management and lots of extra time in the vineyards, we managed to pick at optimal ripeness, resulting in beautiful ripe fruit and concentration. We fermented the Syrah at temperatures around 27°C. After fermentation the wine was pressed and racked to 100% 500l French oak barrels where it matured for approximately 18 months. An amazing wine that will develop beautifully over time.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch Polkadraai
Wine Variety: Syrah
Body: Full
Acidity: Full Acidity
Barrel Treatment: Avg 16 Months

Alc: 14% Ph: 3.56 Acid:    5.2g/l Rs: 2.6g/l

Zevenwacht The Tin Mine Red 2014

Zevenwacht The Tin Mine RedFull bodied. A superb dinner accompaniment.

Purple red in colour, with the nose that exudes aromas of violets, dried spices and concentrated black prunes with a slow release of red cranberry and dark chocolate. The palate impresses with density on entry matched with persistent yet supple tannins – a multi layered wine. This texture is perfectly offset by balanced acidity that allows for a remarkable length of finish.

Blend: 52% Shiraz, 42% Grenache, 6% Mourvedre

We used three blending components – Shiraz, Grenache & Mourvedre. These vineyards are all situated on South westerly and westerly facing slopes ranging in altitude from 100m – 200m above sea level. All the vines are trellised on a seven-wire hedge system that allows for perfect containment of the sometimes vigorous growth habits of the Shiraz and Grenache varieties. Pruned to two-bud spurs, allowing for 16 – 18 bearers per running meter.

All cultivars were fermented separately in open red wine fermenters. The fermentation temperatures hovered around 26° C peaking at ±28° C. Regular pump overs helped with extracting intense colour and soft, pliable tannins. After fermentation the wine was pressed and racked to 2nd,  3rd & 4th French oak 500l barrels. The different components were aged for 12-16 months before blending.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch
Wine Variety: Shiraz, Grenache, Mourvedre
Body: Full bodied
Acidity: Medium Acidity
Barrel Treatment: Wooded

Alc: 13.5% Ph: 3.51 Acid: 5.2g/l Rs: 4.8 g/l

Zevenwacht The Tin Mine White 2014

Zevenwacht The Tin Mine WhiteFragrant & Dry. Enjoy over lazy lunches or sipping at sunset.

Ripe and exotic, a distinctive, spicy wine that is rich and subtly oaked, with a slight aroma of roasted almonds. The Chardonnay gives superb lime-citrus flavors; the Viognier lends a delicate perfume of dried peaches and apricots while the Roussanne and Chenin acts like salt and pepper, spicing things up!

Blend: 45% Chardonnay, 31% Chenin, 19% Viognier & 5% Roussanne.

Four different vineyards were used to make this wine. The Chardonnay & Roussanne grapes were hand harvested from South Westerly facing vineyards on Zevenwacht (Polkadraai Hills). The Viognier and Chenin were hand harvested from North-facing vineyards on Zevenrivieren (The Banhoek valley). All these vineyards are lying at altitudes that range from 300-500 meters above sea level; these higher elevated slopes tend to give the blending partners a beautiful natural acidity, resulting in a pleasant pungency. The richness and full-bodied fruit has  been accentuated by the open canopies of the vineyards during ripening. All these flavours are backed with a flinty minerality from the decomposed granite soils of the Polkadraai Hills.

The Chardonnay grapes were harvested at 24ºBrix and lightly crushed. After pressing the juice was settled and racked to first and second fill 500l barrels. The Viognier and Chenin were whole-bunch pressed and racked to first, second and third fill French 500l barrels, where it fermented and matured for 8 months. 10% of the Chenin grapes and all of the Roussanne were pressed, settled and the clear juice was racked to stainless steel tanks. Cool tank fermentation has allowed outstanding expression of the pungent yellow fruit characters of this component. Extended post fermentation lees contact lends a mid-palate weight and a creamy texture.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch
Grape Varieties: Chardonnay,  Chenin, Viognier & Roussanne
Body:  Medium
Barrel Treatment: Partially wooded

Alc: 13.5% Ph: 3.38 Acid: 5.4g/l RS: 1.8g/l

Zevenwacht Z 360º Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Zevenwacht Z 360 Sauvignon BlancCrisp, dry & medium bodied. A superlative Aperitif wine and a flawless companion to a meal.

The nose shows concentrated aromas of crushed fig leaves, guava and passion fruit, with hints of grapefruit that continues on to the palate. The generous mouth feel is supported with a fine natural lime acidity that gives the wine length and focus. Previous vintages confirm that this wine ages beautifully and develops more complexity over time as flavours subtly change.

Blend: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

South facing and elevated 340 meters above sea level, these 16 year old vines look out over False Bay and are planted on the coolest site on our farm. The soil is mainly decomposed granite with clay subsoil helping to buffer the vines during stress. The grapes from this site derive the full benefit from the cool sea breeze during the slow ripening stages. Pungency, aroma and full concentration are the hallmark of this fine Sauvignon Blanc. There is no shortage of these varietal characteristics on these lofty southern slopes. The grapes were harvested at 23.70 B in the early hours of the morning.

For the final 360° 2015 selection, we used 100% Sauvignon Blanc.   The wine was tank fermented at 12°. The wine spent 10 months on the fine lees with weekly stirring for the first 6 months. For this vintage we did not use any wooded Semillon for extra mouthfeel or mid-weight. The wine already had a beautiful mouthfeel, concentration and flavor to back the nose.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch Polkadraai
Wine Variety: Sauvignon blanc
Body: Medium
Acidity: Fresh Acidity
Barrel Treatment: None

ALC: 14% RS: 2.0 g/l TA 6.1g/l pH: 3.39

Zevenwacht Z Reserve 2012

Zevenwacht Z ReserveFull bodied. To impress at dinner parties with a superb meal.

Rich and generous, this wine boasts a deep dark hue and whiffs of ripe red berries, infused with roasted coffee beans, tobacco leaves, cedar wood and cigar box. On the palate expect concentrated black plum and a decadent dark chocolate finish.

Blend: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Cabernet Franc, 10% Merlot, 4% Malbec, 4% Petit Verdot

Three distinctive sites were identified at Zevenwacht for this blended wine.The heart of this blend comes from a Cabernet Sauvignon clone 46 vineyard, situated on a south westerly facing slope 150 – 200m above sea level, playing a big role in the aromatic potential, the tannic weight and absolute fruit density on the palate. The Merlot is from an older vineyard, next to the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cabernet Franc from a higher vineyard – 300m above sea level. The three sights of the Polkadraai Hills, offer Ribena ripeness and generosity on the finish. The vines are trellised on a seven-wire hedge system. Pruned to two-bud spurs, allowing for 16 – 18 bearers per running meter. The Petit Verdot and Malbec blending components are purchased from Tokara until the new plantings on Zevenrivieren are ready to yield grapes.

Moderate summer temperatures allowed for a long ripening period producing good tannin, colour and sugar ripeness. Once again we had small berry size resulting in dense colouration and high extract in the wine. The components for this blend were aged separately in new and 2nd fill French Oak barrels (300L) for 19 months. The best barrels were matured and blended. Two test blends were made and tasted in a comparative blind benchmark tastings against some of South Africa’s best Bordeaux styled blends.

Grape Origin: Stellenbosch
Wine Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc & Merlot
Body: Full bodied
Acidity: Fresh Acidity
Barrel Treatment: Wooded

ALC: 15.0% RS: 2.3g/l TA: 5.2g/l pH: 3.66

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