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Mooiplaas Langtafel White 2015

Mooiplaas Langtafel WhiteBlend: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion, Chenin Blanc

The wine is produced in a more modern New World style but still reflect the unique terroir of the Cape Granite soils on Mooiplaas Estate. Typical tropical notes supported by freshness and minerality. Well balanced and clean, fruity wine with a pleasant, lingering palate.

Cellar Notes: The grape analysis demonstrates the contribution of the varietie to the wine. The wine was handled reductively prior to fermentation, ±6h skin contact was allowed; juice cleaned by settling, fermented at 13° - 15° C, blended after fermentation.

Mooiplaas Langtafel Rosé 2014

Mooiplaas Langtafel RoséThe wine has a lovely dark strawberry, with a nose of ripe strawberries. The palate is fresh and nicely balanced.

The alcohol of 12 vol% and firm acid is ideal for an easy drinking summer wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from 10 year old vines were used. Training method: 3-Wire vertical trellis.

The grapes were in excellent condition. After 5 hours skin contact the juice was cleaned by settling and fermented at 13° - 15° C.
Bottling: 9/6/2010 at Mooiplaas.

Mooiplaas Langtafel Red 2014

Mooiplaas Langtafel RedThe object with the Langtafel range is pleasant drinking with good value. 2014 was a good vintage for reds, producing wines with intense colour and fine berry flavours. Oak staves were added after blending to enhance complexity, without losing sight of the initial objective i.e. a soft and very drinkable, fruit driven wine.

The different varieties were vinified separately. Fermentation occurred on the skins in closed tank, at temperatures of 20° - 25° C. Mixed by pumping over and blended after fermentation with staves in tank used for oak character.

Mooiplaas Langtafel Vino Baruzzo Novello 2015

Mooiplaas Langtafel Vino Baruzzo Novello

Vino novello, Italian for 'young wine', is a light, fruity, red wine produced throughout Italy.

Novello is similar to its French cousin Beaujolais nouveau in taste, body and color, but is produced using several grape varieties with a more liberal fermentation process. While historically released for sale on November 6, Novello is since 2012 available on 30 October.

Mooiplaas Roos Family Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Mooiplaas Roos Family Sauvignon BlancTropical notes on the nose, winter melon and litchi, fresh, palate is full, good balance and length.

After 12-24 hours skin contact the juice was cleaned by settling and fermented at 13° - 15°C. The wine was left on primary lees for about 3 months after fermentation to reap benefit of autolysis of yeast cells. Unfiltered until the final filtration at bottling.

Mooiplaas Roos Family Chenin Blanc Bush Vine 2015

Mooiplaas Roos Family Chenin Blanc Bush VineBlend: Chenin Blanc, Semillon
Wine shows typical beeswax and dried peach on the nose, with good weight and balance on the palate. The wonderful mouthfeel that typifies ripe Chenin has already started to develop, but will increase in the next 12 months.

Grown at an altitude of 285m above sea level in mineral rich Cape granite soils on a western slope. The vines were planted by Nicolaas Roos in 1968 and produce a low yield of
approximately 4.8 tones per hectare. The 2014 harvest started later than usual due to cooler weather that assisted in even ripening and good quality fruit.

Grapes in excellent condition, almost no botrytis, 15 hours skin contact, juice cleaned by settling, allowed to ferment spontaneously with wild yeast, inoculated with Vin7 after about a third of sugar was fermented, stayed on primary lees for about 3 months to reap benefit of autolysis of yeast cells, unfiltered until the final filtration prior to bottling.

Mooiplaas Roos Family Pinotage 2015

Mooiplaas Roos Family PinotageRuby red colour, nose very typical of Pinotage, sweets and fruit cake nose, oak well integrated, soft and fruity with a good finish. The oak portion is very much to the back of the wine, the style is still the approachable, soft and drinkable wine that the Mooiplaas Pinotage is known for.

Pairs with Charcuterie, roast chicken, Cape Malay spiced dishes, roast pork, roast lamb, pizza & pasta dishes. Pinotage also works particularly well with flame grilled meats.

Fermentaion Method: 5 Days on the skins in closed tanks at 20º . pump over every two hours, pressed at dry.

Mooiplaas Roos Family Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Mooiplaas Roos Family Cabernet SauvignonDeep purple colour, nose shows the typical lead pencil, roasted oak and cassis flavours, well structured palate with good length. Long barrel ageing saw to well integration of fruit and oak, tannins more yielding than in some previous vintages.

Quite accessible, have potential to age for at least 10 years.

Mooiplaas Mercia Duel MCC 2009

Mooiplaas Mercia Duel MCCBlend: 55% Pinot Noir, 45% Chardonnay

The 2009 leans more towards the Pinot Noir character showing cherries, almond and honey comb on the nose, also dried peach and apricot. Palate is full and rounded, fine creamy mousse.

Pairs with Charcuterie, oysters & seafood, grilled fresh & saltwater fish, roast poultry, grilled pork dishes.

Press whole bunch, cleaned by overnight settling, ferment dry. The wine was left on the lees for 36 months.

Mooiplaas Mercia Houmoed Chenin Blanc 2013

Mooiplaas Mercia Houmoed Chenin BlancGrapes in excellent health, wild fermentation. Wine shows bee's wax/dried peach on the nose, along with almonds/marzipan from the barrels, good weight on the palate with some minerality and a long finish. Fruit and oak well balanced, a big wine with the typical wonderful mouthfeel of ripe Chenin.

Pairs with Seafood bisque, roasted line fish, grilled lobster, roast and grilled poultry.

Grapes from the Houmoed Single Vineyard, 2 ha in size, planted (by NJ Roos ) in 1969 on Richter 99, dry land bush vine, at 280 m above sea level on a western slope of the Bottelary Hills.
Soil Types: Glenrosa / Cartreff / Oakleaf
Training Method: Bush vines

Mooiplaas Mercia Rosalind 2009

Mooiplaas Mercia RosalindA well crafted wine showing elegance & balance that can be matured for 12 - 20 years. A intense dark ruby colour with cherries, plums & fynbos on the nose. The palate shows tight grip of oak balanced with excellent fruit structure. Elegant, well balanced and rounded.

Excellent with grilled or roast sirloin, rump and fillet of beef and venison. Rich beef, lamb or venison stew. Particularly well paired with grilled leg of lamb stuffed with wild garlic and rosemary or deboned oxtail infused with truffle oil.

Grapes from Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vineyards were used.

Rosalind, meaning beautiful rose, is a Bordeaux blend comprised of Cabernet Franc 44%/ Cabernet Sauvignon 44%/ Merlot 12%.

The wine was matured for 24 months in small barrels & the blend made up after oak maturation. Only 16 barrels were selected for the blend, the wine was bottled about 1 month after blending, with only minimal pre-bottling filtration.

Mooiplaas Mercia Watershed Syrah 2009

Mooiplaas Mercia Watershed SyrahA very dark colour reveals the intensity of the wine. Black cherry, spice and leather notes. Palate offer excellent focus and intensity with multi layers of dark chocolate, fennel and dark fruit that is underpinned by fine, well integrated tannins.

Tremendous ageing potential.

Pairs with Grilled sirloin, rump and fillet, venison stew, roast game birds.

Grapes from 2 adjacent blocks high against the Bottelary Hills, so called Rooirug (RedBack), 3½ ha in size, at 280 m above sea level on a steep eastern slope.

ine was matured for 18 months in small 225 litre French oak barrels.

Mooiplaas Mercia Tabakland Cab Sauv Reserve 2010

Mooiplaas Mercia Tabakland Cab Sauv ReserveA classic style Cellar Reserve wine with upfront red and dark fruit, Christmas cake, sweet spice and hints of Fynbos aromas. Full bodied with soft and well integrated tanins and a lasting aftertaste.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Excellent with grilled or roast sirloin, rump & fillet of beef & venison. Rich beef, lamb orvenison stew. Particularly well paired with grilled leg of lamb stuffed with wild garlic &rosemary or deboned oxtail infused with truffle oil.

Grapes from mature vines grown in well drained Cape granite soils. The block of vineyards are called TABAKLAND, and refers to the old days when tobacco was planted on that site.

The TABAKLAND Cabernet is from hand selected grapes and left to ferment wild in open barrels. They are punched down by hand every four hours and gently pressed.

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