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Ataraxia • Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge • Kevin Grant

Ataraxia Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Ataraxia Sauvignon BlancBlend: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Painstaking fruit selection and skilled winemaking using reductive cellar techniques has resulted in our Sauvignon Blanc seamlessly incorporating the very best that the Old and New World styles have to offer. This wine flavours individuality and minerality ahead of pure, pungent fruit, but still shows alluring tropical fruit, citrus and lemon grass aromas. These are effortlessly reflected on the palate and are complemented by a lively acidity which underpins a classy structure and succulent texture. A wine of substantial poise, length and charm.

Each vintage we are dealt a different climatic hand, one of the reasons why every new season is so eagerly anticipated on Ataraxia. The twist in the Harvest 2015 tail was an unusually early start to the vintage, a full 11 days earlier than the previous year. Initial intuition was that this was because of the “warm” and dry conditions experienced in the months before the pick. However, juice analysis at the settling tank, showed natural acid levels congruent with much cooler ripening temperatures. This led to the conclusion that the earlier harvest was due to the dry conditions not to hot temperatures, something borne out by the exceptionally healthy fruit arriving at the cellar door. The Sauvignon Blanc grapes delivered hugely on fruit flavours despite the shorter hang time. They have produced a wine that expresses itself through a compelling and intriguing palette of aromas and flavours. Hand picked and rushed to the cellar in batches up to 8th March, all our fruit was safely in by mid-morning on each picking day, guaranteeing that the exciting fruit flavours of the grape were preserved and are reflected in this wine.

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